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A solution for waste, to protect the environment: waste compactor


Oct 19, 2021

The function of a waste compactor is to compact and press a large amount of waste substances. Anyone who needs to manage the storage of different types of waste can contact the company that provides the service and obtain the most appropriate waste compactor.

Features of waste compactor

Each company can use a waste compactor and facilitate the virtuous waste disposal chain. Having a waste compactor means being able to pile up and crush different types of waste in the best possible way.
Here is the list of all waste materials that can be pressed and compacted with the help of a waste compactor:

  • Paper material, be it paper or cardboard
  • plastics waste
  • food waste
  • woody waste
  • metal waste, aluminum
  • materials that can be recycled

Companies that produce large quantities of waste should be able to have one or more waste compactor at their disposal, also in order not to incur penalties.

These special compactors know no limits of use. There are different models of waste compactor depending on the final pressurization result to be obtained. What specific format should the compacted material have? Based on the answer to this question, it is possible to choose different types of waste compactor.

Another important aspect is that based on the waste to be treated – from plastic to food waste – it is necessary to know that there is a specific waste compactor.

In addition to the industrial sector, there are many other activities that daily adopt a waste compactor for their work chain. These are, for example, hospitals, but also all those contexts in which the hotel landscape or the provision of meals and foods involves the production of large quantities of organic waste.

Those who need a waste compactor can contact the company and promptly evaluate the model that best suits their needs.