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Pharmacy furniture: where to buy them?


Sep 29, 2021

Pharmacy furniture: why they can make a difference

Nowadays, pharmacies have a huge amount of products. Not only medicines and medical devices, but also over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, dietary products, products for hygiene and body care, sunscreen, veterinary items, baby food and even footwear.

Organizing all these goods so that everything is in order and the customer is able to orient himself and view the various items is essential. Not only for a matter of glance and organization, but also because the customer who knows where to find what he is looking for will not turn to the pharmacist or the assistant to ask for information.

Pharmacy furniture: what features should they have?

Come già accennato, i mobili di una farmacia devono essere, prima di tutto, funzionali. Gli articoli solitamente disponibili in una farmacia hanno forme e dimensioni diverse, per cui si dovrebbe optare per sistemi modulari che includano le classiche “mensole” e cassettiere.
I mobili per farmacia devono essere resistenti, se non si vuole essere costretti a cambiarli dopo poco. Dunque, il materiale di costruzione è di fondamentale importanza. Infine, ma non in ordine di importanza, il design. I mobili per farmacia devono essere anche “belli” e comunque il linea con lo stile generale della farmacia. Questo renderà il posto più accogliente e curato e il cliente non potrà fare a meno di notarlo.

Pharmacy furniture: where to buy them?

If you want to buy meble apteczne, you will find what you are looking for at Icas. Design, quality of materials and functionality are the main features of Icas pharmacy furniture. Icas drawer units are real furnishing accessories characterized by a unique design. Furthermore, Icas guarantees the solidity, safety and reliability of its products, which are totally ergonomic and environmentally friendly.

Icas drawer units and pharmacy furniture are proposed and used by the best interior designers and architects. So, if you are looking for the best pharmacy furniture, trust Icas and start designing the unique style of your pharmacy!

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